WTF Wednesday: When Exactly Did I Become A Walking Health Hazard?

My life lately begs this question. Because BC (before cancer) I was a reasonably healthy person. Truly. I got the occasional sinus infection or whatever, had a bad case of the flu once, but that was the extent of it. To be perfectly candid, I was not always totally sympathetic to people who were sick all the time because I found it annoying. But AC (after cancer) I have been plagued with ailments both large and small.


  • Lost a sinus and nose cartilage during chemo; neither ever showed up in the lost and found
  • Was diagnosed with a rare lung disease that is unquestionably of academic interest; but not if you’re the one who has it
  • Had a serious reaction to pneumonia vaccine and had to go to ER
  • Managed to go into both heart failure and kidney failure in the span of a week, although in fairness, they were linked
  • Developed an exotic staph infection that required visits to two different ENTs
  • Had female type problems no one wants to hear about except to say that when I finally went to the doctor she scolded me and told me I was headed toward bleeding out. I mean, I get it now OK? Profuse bleeding = consult doctor
  • Found out I’m a MRSA carrier; which would make me Typhoid Mary if I spread typhoid and if my name was Mary, but you get the idea
New York American, June 20, 1909

New York American, June 20, 1909

And now my latest endeavor. My arm had been really hurting lately. I simultaneously developed a nasty rash on that same arm. Now, some people may have just gone running willy nilly to the doctor; I simply put cortisone cream on the rash and bitched incessantly about the pain in my arm. But as it happened I had a check-up with my oncologist scheduled last week, and she took one look at my arm and said I had shingles.

Well of course I have shingles. I mean, why wouldn’t I? Not a big deal other than the pain and itching and Dan having to listen to me whine some more. I finished a course of anti-viral stuff and my arm is all cleared up.

I want to put this message out to the universe: WTF? Yes, I need interesting blog material but it most certainly does not need to be medical in nature. There are plenty of other things out there; let’s give this one a rest.

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18 Responses to WTF Wednesday: When Exactly Did I Become A Walking Health Hazard?

  1. Shingles. Gruesome. But I like your attitude. It’s very, “Yeah, yeah, thanks, Universe. Bring it.”

    Can I loan you some scary in-laws and scary encounters at the dog park for your next post? Because I think your body could use a break.

  2. mimijk says:

    Oh geez, Jill..dyanu already! Liezel just finished a bout with shingles…ouch, itch and damn. Feel better sweetie..xo

  3. Pam Waits says:

    You are so right – WTF?!? Clearly you’re an overachiever. You’ve achieved enough in this area – time to stop.

  4. It’s my fault. I asked God to hold off on the growth experiences for a while because I don’t want/need any more character building. I guess someone has to have them, so he gave them to you. Sorry. Next time I will be more specific about not giving people I know them either, it’s just that I didn’t really expect results.

    On another note, I thought people mostly got shingles on their mid region not their arms.


  5. Betsey Hudis says:

    You poor thing! Glad you are over the shingles symptoms.

  6. At least it gives you blog material. It would be awful if you went through all that for nothing! You have done it for us, your dear readers.

    • Is it sad that when something like this happens I think “well, at least I might get a blog post out of it”?

      • I hear you. A nice trip someplace (without bombings) would have sufficed for blogging material. Stuff happens wherever you are. When my friend had shingles the pain lasted for a couple months. Good luck with yours.

        • Jill Foer Hirsch says:

          Thanks Kate. My new plan is just to plagiarize your stuff. Much easier on me in my condition.

  7. Been there, had that. I’m glad that you are feeling better.

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