WTF Wednesday: Did You Miss National Candied Orange Peel Day?

Perhaps it’s because of social media, hashtag trends, etc. but it suddenly seems like every day is a national or international something or other day. Some are cute or funny; naturally I’m a fan of National Cat Day, and aaargh matey, National Talk Like a Pirate Day. And in the course of my rigorous research for this blog post, I learned that today is Towel Day, a worldwide tribute to the late Douglas Adams. The day is a reference to the author’s Hitchhiker’s Guide series of books; if you’ve not read those books then I urge you to do so immediately. I mean, right after you finish my compelling blog post. Trust me, by next year you will join me in celebrating Towel Day.

Read immediately, if not sooner

Read immediately, if not sooner

But how many Day Days can we actually have? Umm, a lot. A ton. I can’t get an accurate count or even a comprehensive list, because in the course of my rigorous research for this blog post I found that I would have to spend more than 15 minutes researching in order to bring you any actual, credible information. I think we all know that was not going to happen. So you’re stuck with info from the handful of websites I decided, in my infinite wisdom, are excellent sources on this critical topic.

Here’s what I do know. About this, I mean. Some national days are “official” in the sense that members of Congress, promoting something or someone from their home district, present this kind of crap as a resolution. I’m just making this up as I go, because as I explained above, rigorous research revealed that research would have to be rigorous to thoroughly vet all this stuff. But let’s say that if there’s a National Baked Potato Day, which may or may not be a thing; if it is a thing, I guarantee it’s because legislators from Idaho sanctimoniously opined on its importance.

A fine Idaho spud, the pride of America

A fine Idaho spud, the pride of America

According to one source that emerged during my 12 minutes of rigorous research (I know I said 15 minutes above, but who are we kidding?), today’s Days include things like National Brown-Bag It Day, National Tap Dance Day, and by popular demand, National Wine Day. I can always hope that there is also a National Whine Day, because there’s one I could really celebrate.

In the course of my 7 minutes of rigorous research (yep, 12 minutes was also a stretch) I found that other Days in May include National Crouton Day, National Dance Like a Chicken Day, National Lumpy Rug Day, and of course, May 4th, when we all celebrated National Candied Orange Peel Day by dancing around the candied orange tree.

Now I’m off to the linen closet to choose something wonderful for Towel Day.

Don't leave home without it

Don’t leave home without it

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14 Responses to WTF Wednesday: Did You Miss National Candied Orange Peel Day?

  1. Pam Waits says:

    I have always celebrated National Pig Day (March 1). A wonderful reason to pig out, I would bring home-made caramel rolls to work (the only thing I cook) reminding people that on this day of all days, we celebrate the pig – we don’t eat it. Oink, Oink!

    • Jill Foer Hirsch says:

      I love pigging out as long as no actual pigs are involved! A vegetarian pig out.

  2. I always miss the good ones! When is margarita day? How about hula hoop day? So many days, so little time.

    • Jill Foer Hirsch says:

      Please don’t discuss margaritas. Salt, liquids, alcohol. All my no-nos. Oh! Guess that will serve for my National Whine Day. For Hula Hoop Day, check with Life in the Boomer Lane!

  3. Carol Ferenc says:

    Glad to hear you had the integrity to give your readers the thoroughly-researched information they deserve. Now I’ve gotta go get ready for National Crouton Day!

    • Jill Foer Hirsch says:

      I am nothing if not thorough in my quest to bring my readers random bits of nonsense. Now, shouldn’t we coordinate National Crouton Day with National Salad Day?

  4. Betsey says:

    Make it Krispy Kreme and you’re on.

  5. Betsey says:

    The most important National Day of Anything is June 3, National Donut Day.

    • Jill Foer Hirsch says:

      What are you doing next Friday? Meeting me at Dunkin’ Donuts? I don’t want to miss this important holiday.

  6. I’d like to make a coherent comment, but I’m too busy celebrating National Wine Day.

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