When I’m The Boss Of Everyone And Everything: What To Expect

Who isn’t tired of hearing about my job search? Anyone? I’m sick to death of it but it occupies my time and energy which means you’re going to have to ride this out with me.

Looking for a job in 2014 is done exclusively online. I appreciate the convenience and ease of that process, except when it is neither convenient nor easy. For example, when an advertised job directs me to the company’s website to apply, but the job isn’t listed on the company website, and I get caught in an endless and infuriating catch-22 process.

I have to create a user ID and password for dozens and dozens (and dozens) of company career websites. How am I supposed to keep all that straight? Another pet peeve is online applications that allow me to upload my resume, but not a cover letter. Not for nothing, but my cover letter is critically important to explaining my situation. Not that I have a situation per se, but I kind of have a situation in that I am trying to shift industries and careers. See what I mean? Explanation required. I have taken to putting my cover letter and resume all on one document in cases where I can only attach a single document. There is no doubt that somewhere my inability to follow directions has been logged in my permanent record.

So I’ve resigned myself to all this, but today…today I came across an application that requires me to attach my college and grad school transcripts. Really? I graduated from business school in 1990. For those of you without an advanced degree who can’t do the complicated math…that is 24 years ago. 24 years. College was a distant 28 years ago. WTF could possibly be on my transcripts that is reflective of my current skills and abilities? It’s bad enough when applications ask for my GPA. Do you think for one minute I remember my GPA? Who remembers stuff like that? Smarty pants people who get jobs, that’s who. Not senile old ladies like myself who didn’t care about my GPA 20 years ago let alone now.

So OK, I figure I must be able to quickly order the blasted transcripts online. But nooooooo. That would be too easy. My grad school requires me to fax a form along with a copy of my photo ID. Yes, fax. Remember that ancient technology? Then I have to sit around and wait for “processing.” Why oh why would something like, say, my SSN not be good enough to identify myself electronically?

Arrgh. When I rule the world, things will be a lot different. I promise you that.

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16 Responses to When I’m The Boss Of Everyone And Everything: What To Expect

  1. UGH So Frustrating I really think your personality and wit will land you a job eventually through Networking In Person. Are you volunteering anywhere? That can sometimes give you good leads. I hate how jobs are all or nothing… I’m back to 14 hours a day, “we don’t give a crap if you had cancer last year” and you are looking for work. Both stink. When you are the boss of everything I want Balance!!!

    • You are going to be the first person I hire to be my Emergency Back-Up Boss of Everything and Everyone. We will work half the time, and live the other half! Hang in there my friend and I will do the same.

  2. Lisa J. Mikita says:

    Good luck on your job search Jill. I’m with you – it’s brutal. And for every job I apply for there are 80-150 other applications flying through the door for that same job. I network, I check an insane number of job boards, and yet here I am. Still searching.

    • Jill Foer Hirsch says:

      I’m so sorry to hear you haven’t found anything Lisa. I have never seen a job market like this, especially in major markets like DC and Chicago. Wish you all the best in finding something soon! And if you need a member reference, you got it!

  3. Pam Waits says:

    Looking for a job is tough and frustrating. With the impersonal nature of online applications, I can see why networking is so critical. My best advice is to be kind to yourself. Best of luck.

    • Jill Foer Hirsch says:

      Thanks for the encouragement Pam! If only there was a way to highlight my brilliance, wit and engaging personality via an online form. 🙂

  4. itsmeval says:

    It is hard to adjust to such a colossal waste of time.. when the reality is still in some ways…not what you know but who you know…my jobs come by way of this..as I “help the elderly stay in their homes”..working privately..and then I could go on about how I was begging people to work at my last home. Recently I have cut back..by like 45 hrs..and found my self saying yes instead of no to a tiny job. My husband is the master of “on sight choice” as he walks in and they hire him..one time he was not even asking for a job..it is truly weird..he is 62…and not in appearance a Richard Gere. He completely bombs with the computer for job searches..but just now he is beginning a job for a contracting company as he switches to “retirement”. If you could skype before providing your info..would that not help? I mean ultimately appearance is part of the process too…can you imagine the employers frustration when they get to the end and the Great Person For the Job turns out to be only on paper? Or in data? Find your in with a person….it still is key..oops I just gave advice…..I love to read your blog…..sorry!

    • Jill Foer Hirsch says:

      I spent a lot more time sitting on the other side of the desk trying to hire great employees, and I learned to never trust what I see on paper! I’m definitely working all my connections, but have to apply for jobs cold as well. I’m trying to think of it all as a Grand Adventure! So glad you enjoy reading the blog-thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  5. mimijk says:

    Since I believe that it is inevitable that you will one day be in charge, I can only look forward to the changes (and feel somewhat smug that I have a direct line to the boss-of-all so that I can throw in a couple of other processes that can be dropkicked through the goalposts of life!..

    • Jill Foer Hirsch says:

      Excellent! Get your wish list ready. In fact, let’s just formally make you Deputy Boss of Everyone and Everything. Perks include being extra smug.

  6. jjlhicks says:

    Welcome to my world for the past two years, the post “Great Recession” world where we’ve off-shored, outsourced, and laid off jobs to the point where full time work is no longer common place, but rather a rarity found in a workforce full of part time and/or contract work – and you’re lucky if you can get that kind of work. And if you’re 50 or over, be prepared to be interviewed by people who could be your children!

  7. katecrimmins says:

    You have my vote! You are lucky you can upload (or is it download) a resume. Many local companies here have an on-line app. You have to fill in the blanks and the computer screens you and only spits you out if you put the right stuff down. I always said that I had a good change of getting a job if I got an interview (I interview very well) but today that’s hard to do. Morgan is willing to do a reference if you need one.

    • Jill Foer Hirsch says:

      Yes, I have experienced those online apps as well. Umm, isn’t that why we have resumes? So we don’t have to fill out endless stuff? Regardless, many thanks to you and Morgan for standing behind me!

  8. I’ve been in EXACTLY the same boat for a year now…I put my cover and resume on one document, so they get it whether they want it or not.

    When you take over the world, can you ban all online application processes that electronically throw your resume in the garbage based on key words? For me? Please?

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