That’s All Folks! For Now…

Well folks, it’s been almost two years that I have been faithfully blogging about nonsense. It’s fun and I enjoy it, and I especially enjoy all the other bloggers I’ve connected with out there in the blogosphere. You may have noticed that I’ve slowed down a lot, and that’s because I have been busy interviewing and finally (!) landing a position. It is an entirely new career for me and I’m very excited to get started.

Lord knows the “opinions” I’ve expressed here have always been solely my own (who in the hell else would claim them??), but I would never want anything I said to be misconstrued as representing my new employer. So for now at least, I am going to take a blog-o-break while I settle in to my new job and get used to working full time again.

I do hope to have time soon to catch up on posts from all my favorite fellow bloggers. Thank you so much to those of you who have faithfully read my blog, those of you who lied and stroked my ego by telling me you read it, and those of you (especially my whack-a-doodle family) whose antics have given me primo blog fodder.

On such an auspicious occasion as this there is no absolute need to send gifts, but I would certainly be pleased if you did.

And maybe, when you least expect it…I’ll be back…

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27 Responses to That’s All Folks! For Now…

  1. Pam Waits says:

    Congratulations on the new gig! I hope it exceeds your expectations. I’ll miss reading your blog and connecting with you but wish you the best in this next chapter.

  2. First of all congrats on the new job and career! Break a leg!

    Secondly, I know you will need to focus on the job and the blog takes a back seat but don’t be a total stranger. We need some fun stories to read.

  3. vgfoster says:

    Oh no….I’m really going to miss you! You’ll have to stop by once in a while and say hi. Best of luck in your new endeavors and congratulations!!

  4. Wonderful, I was getting tired of reading your blog anyway (NOT!)….I checked the sofa for loose change but only found 70 centavos which is about 5 cents US so you will just have to pretend I sent you a swell gift.

    Frank Abagnale’s extreme example aside,I think living an interesting life is all about re-inventing yourself. Starting a new and different career will be challenging but so rewarding. I wish you much success. I’ll miss reading your unique viewpoint of the world.


  5. Georgette says:

    I will miss the laughs but I agree your new employer is “mostly” lucky

  6. Mom says:

    Good luck on this next chapter in your life! I am so happy for you and I am especially happy for your new employer…they are REALLy LUCKY to have you! You are the best at everything you do!

  7. mimijk says:

    Your fan club will miss you – i’m lucky because I’ll still get to see you. Good luck my friend – you will rock this new job as you do everything you try…xo

  8. It was the cat comments wasn’t it? It must have been the cat comments.

    Congratulations on real work (like coming up with funny, entertaining blogs isn’t). Drop by and share work stories – they’re the BEST!

  9. Julie L. says:

    Congratulations Jill! Your new employer is lucky to have you!

  10. bethteliho says:

    Ohhhh good luck at your new job!! You’ll be missed, but I have a feeling you’ll be back sooner than later. 😉

  11. Joanne says:

    From a long lost “cuz” , maybe your Mom could take over the blog??? Congrats and good luck in the next chapter of your life.

  12. So happy to hear that you finally got someone to hire you. Congratulations!!!!!!
    I must say that I will miss the communication with a family member on a regular basis. It makes me sad to think you are giving up a non-paying job for a real one.

    I will miss you and hope that I will hear from you by email. I am really happy for you and hope you do us proud in whatever new venture you are on. Remember, the family is always behind you. (that is because you can’t make fun of us behind our backs)
    Love you Jill!!!!!

  13. katecrimmins says:

    Ahhhh! A real job? Hope you love it! My cats will be heartbroken!

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