Bite This!

What ever happened to the customer is always right? A couple weeks ago I ordered dinner from a delivery service, Bite Squad. I truly hardly ever order out anymore but I wasn’t up for cooking. About 45 minutes after I ordered they called and said they couldn’t get a hold of anyone at the restaurant. Okey dokey.

I’m not sure why it took 45 minutes (which is 92.3 minutes in Hunger Time) to let me know, but I went ahead and placed an order with a different place, an Italian restaurant I’ve frequented in person and know to be reliable. The only problem is that my favorite pasta dish there comes with prosciutto, and I have this whole vegetarian thing going on. When I order it at the restaurant it’s never a problem to 86 the oink (in my head I think of that as restaurant talk but really I have no idea).


Now I’m really hungry. OK, honestly I’m always hungry but this time it was real.  Anyhoo, food came quickly but when I opened up the carton my pasta was absolutely laden with prosciutto. Yuck. Inedible. I called the restaurant and they were very apologetic and immediately said they would refund my money. Well handled. I went back to standing in front of the freezer to see what might constitute a meal now that two delivery efforts had failed.

A few days later, I noticed that no refund had come through on my credit card. I emailed Bite Squad “support”, and a chipper gentleman quickly responded that they were happy to issue a credit to my Bite Squad account. I let him know I would only be happy by getting a real credit on my real credit card. We went back and forth a couple times until he consulted his manager (which I’m picturing as a 12 year old sitting in his mom’s kitchen running an online empire) and they graciously agreed to actually refund my money.

But, a few days later, still no refund on the credit card. Now I’m annoyed, and of course really hungry, and even though that is now irrelevant, I think it’s worth mentioning. So I email the alleged “support” people again, and an overly perky gentleman replies that they realized they really can only issue a credit to my Bite Squad account, because I used a credit to make the purchase, referring to the “credit” from the first order that evening, that was canceled. Arrgh! WTF? I responded with, honestly, a not so nice email and mentioned the power of social media. Then I started Tweeting like a deranged, and frankly, hungry, bird. They Tweeted a response to the effect of “contact support” which really hacked me off. We went a few rounds.

I’ve just received an email saying they’ve reconsidered and now are willing to offer me a refund, which will take up to 5 days to post, which is interesting since it took 0 days to post the original charge. But OK. We’ll see. We shall see. But note this—Bite Squad bites. And I no longer work so I can make it my full time occupation to seek revenge for poor service. Let’s just hope I don’t have to.

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10 Responses to Bite This!

  1. Pam Waits says:

    I would not want to be Bite Squad. If they don’t fix things fast, you’re going to eat them alive!

    • Jill Foer Hirsch says:

      After a few Tweets and this blog post, got a very apologetic call from Ops Mgr. They gave me back my money plus $50 credit on my Bite Squad account. Now the question is, do I dare try them again, even on their dime?

  2. Carol Ferenc says:

    What a hassle! Good customer service (what’s left of it) is quickly eroding these days. Hope you found something to eat that day. I live in the middle of nowhere so I have ONE delivery option ~ mediocre pizza. BTW, I’ve had some problems leaving comments also. WP is being wonky again.

  3. There are two things you don’t do. You don’t screw with someone’s paycheck and you don’t screw with their food! There will be yelping!

    • Jill Foer Hirsch says:

      Seriously! In my years in HR, if there was even the smallest problem with a paycheck, we reissued immediately. It just wasn’t worth it when someone’s earnings were on the line. But food, food is really serious business!

      • One year there was a computer problem. Checks were normally issued on Fridays then. They wouldn’t be issued until Monday. OMG! It was like storming of the Bastille! The CFO ended up getting tons of cash from the bank and gave advances to anyone who would be destitute over the weekend and believe me a lot of people came for it. What a nightmare. BTW WP is still not accepting my comments through the reader.

        • I’ve actually been in similar situations. In particular we switched from every other week to twice a month (gasp!) and issued advances to dozens of people. WP is giving me fits too. Problems liking and commenting on other blogs…

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