Unimaginable, Incomprehensible

The mission of my blog is to provide myself and others a little comic relief from the stress of real life.  Tonight I wave the white flag on humor.  Tonight there are hundreds, if not thousands of families and friends missing pieces of their hearts and trying to comprehend how it’s possible to live without their loved one.  How is it possible that they will ever sleep again, or eat, or do anything remotely normal?

How will the surviving children process something that the wisest people in the world aren’t able to understand?  How will millions of school children ever learn and grow in an environment where they feel unsafe?

What lethal set of circumstances persist in our country that repeatedly foment mass murder?

At the same time my heart is breaking for these families, I am selfishly cherishing my loved ones a little more.  I know that you parents out there are hugging your children a little tighter tonight, and your children are clinging a little longer.

Like everyone, I have lots of questions tonight and no answers.  There are no answers.  Just shattered lives.

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