The Bad Hair Chronicles

My hair. When women say that, there is a certain inflection, a certain tone that lets others know that it is a complex topic, wrought with self-doubt that has never quite been assuaged despite the thousands and thousands (and thousands) of dollars one has spent on hair care products.

My hair is naturally curly. But not the adorable kind of naturally curly. More like the frizzy, tangled, completely non-adorable kind. I’ve written about it before; here here and here.


When I was in high school and college I dabbled in chemical straighteners, but eventually gave those up and just went with the flow. Still, for special occasions I always loved to get a blow-out and have straight hair at least for a couple of days.

And then, along came a new treatment. No chemicals, just glorious smoothing. What I especially love is the name of this particular treatment: my hair is Disciplined. It needed to be brought into line for sure. It needed a good talking to and perhaps even a time out. Now that my hair is Disciplined I am able to blow dry it reasonably straight and smooth. And as long as it does not come into contact with any moisture, it behaves.

How I imagine I look with Disciplined Hair

How I imagine I look with Disciplined Hair

How I actually look

How I actually look

Of course, when my hair runs around with the wrong crowd, Rain and Humidity, it follows their bad example and becomes unruly.

My hair’s propensity to become un-Disciplined is a constant concern. So in addition to the treatments every few months, I use a specific smoothing shampoo and conditioner. Just recently I noticed the label that says my conditioner is specifically designed for Rebellious Hair. That’s when it hits me. My hair has grown up; it has gone from an unruly child to an incorrigible teenager.

I realize how quickly time has passed and yet know that deep down, my hair is still un-disciplined and completely rebellious. All grown up and yet still misbehaving. I blink back the tears, thinking of my baby. Or maybe that’s just shampoo in my eyes.

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