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So I know you all missed me yesterday when I didn’t blog.  Well you can put the shattered pieces of your life back together now; here I am.  Last night I spent the evening at The Birchmere at an Aimee Mann concert.  I’ve seen her probably a half-dozen times, and she never disappoints.  Last night Aimee was a crowd-pleaser not just musically but also in the fun banter arena.  The band seemed to be having some problems with their equipment and they kept stopping to tune their guitars between every song, so there was more banter than usual.  Let there be no mistake about where Aimee stands politically; there was some enthusiastic Romney/Ryan bashing that most of us found amusing.  She picked on Joe Biden a bit in good fun; and told us a great joke that I’m afraid I can’t really repeat here.

Aimee switched back and forth from political humor to a spoof of the kind of show you’d see on Animal Planet or the Discovery Channel.  She started off just singing a rambling song about cats while she finished tuning, and then she segued into a mock narration of  “Abyssinian Cats Around the World”.  She noted that Abyssinians are ancient cats.  Very, very ancient Egyptian cats.  Very special.  Very revered.  Abyssinians have unique fur.  It is ancient Egyptian fur; different from the more modern fur you see on say, an orange tabby.  She was using a Very Serious Narrator voice and you could practically picture the show.  Given my deep and abiding love for cats, the whole thing was up my alley, and I was especially excited that she was talking about Abyssinians.  Dan and I sort of inherited a red Abyssinian early in our marriage; it was our first cat together.  Awwww.

We were listening to all this banter from the communal table we shared with 4 strangers; and you know how I enjoy eavesdropping.  These folks weren’t strangers at all because they were all 4 lawyers.  Not a problem in and of itself, but the two couples weren’t just lawyers, they were Lawyers.  Wildly Important Smart People (WISPs).  I couldn’t believe our luck at landing a table with the 4 smartest people to ever roam the earth.  Humbling, huh?  I’m not really sure why there were at the concert because they didn’t seem at all familiar with Aimee’s music and never so much as nodded their heads or tapped their feet to the rhythm, which in my book is freakish.  One of the women kept leaving the table for long periods of time, and when she came back she was sniffling a lot and guzzled one glass of wine after another.  Just sayin’.

The WISPS all seemed to have lost their funny bones in some sort of accident, because not once did any of them crack a smile.  The rest of the crowd was in hysterics and they just sat there with their arms folded on their chests. During dinner and breaks, they critiqued recent Oral Arguments in Supreme Court cases and discussed what they would have done if they were arguing the case.  This was really something considering they looked to me to be maybe 4th years (4-5 years away from even sniffing a promotion to partner.)   I couldn’t help but think of an expression a former colleague coined; making partner in a law firm is like winning a pie eating contest where the prize is more pie.  

I looked at these 4 pathetic people and thought, Let Them Eat Pie.

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