Heeeeere’s Chrissy!

I hope you realize I’ve only blogged about 2 of my 4 cats, and since most of you are stuck inside riding out the storm, you just may be bored enough to read about cat #3, Chrissy.  She is a little gray and cream striped tabby.  Here’s how she looked the day we brought her home:

The always amazing Washington Animal Rescue League saved Chrissy from a tornado in Tuscaloosa when she was just a few weeks old.  Understandably, she’s a little clingy.  Actually, a lot clingy, and she continues to try to nurse by sucking on my neck despite the fact that it has never worked.  Chrissy is the only cat I’ve ever seen who begs to be picked up and carried around.

She especially loves hanging out in my bathroom with me, which would be fine if she didn’t want to climb up on me, walk across my back, steal my hair bands, and bat my toothbrush while I’m trying to use it.  She really loves helping me with my contact lenses.  Every day, I have to try to fake her out and get in there and shut the door before she comes galloping behind me.  Sometimes, at the moment I slam the door the last thing I see is her determined little face running toward me full speed.

For anyone keeping track of the Cat Containment Procedures, this means that I have to back my way into my bathroom, just like I have to in order to get out of the house or in to a closet.  Some days it’s just too much and I let her follow me in to the bathroom.  There is only one spot, right in the middle of my bathroom, where I can stand relatively safely.  If I’m not in the exact sweet spot she will hurl herself across the room and land on my back.  So there I am standing in the middle of the room trying to balance toothpaste and lens solution and make-up remover so I don’t have to step outside the zone.  It would be pretty funny if I wasn’t the one trying to deal with her.

At least she tries to be helpful around the house..

While all cats love to sniff around, Chrissy takes it to an art form.  When we pour any kind of carbonated beverage, she is there in a flash to stick her face too close and get her nose tickled.  She makes a face like she doesn’t like it, but she apparently wants to be certain because she keeps doing it over and over again.  She’s also one of the fastest cats in the house; I think she’s hit land speeds in excess of 125 mph during particularly lively chases.  And she is hands down the biggest drama queen of the group, perfecting both a high-pitched whine and the most pathetic silent howl you’ve ever seen.

As it turns out, Chrissy’s Three’s Company namesake was actually (well, fictionally) named Christmas Noelle Snow.  That full name comes in handy from time to time.  She knows she’s in trouble if she hears “Christmas Noelle Snow get your butt down here right this minute!”  Unfortunately, she just doesn’t care.


Hope everyone is staying safe, dry and warm during Sandy’s wrath.  Thanks to The Washington Animal Rescue League countless cats and dogs will be kept out of harm’s way as well.  WARL does not euthanize healthy animals and it is one of the most progressive shelters in the country.  I encourage you to check them out at www.warl.org.

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  1. mimijk says:

    She really sounds like a character… I love that she tries to bat away your toothbrush while its in use.

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