People Suck

I’m having a hard time being funny today. And I’m having a hard time understanding why I’m having a hard time. Because any other day I ignore the countless hordes of people suffering and dying from war and terrorism and famine and genocide and lack of clean drinking water, and and and; to bring you mildly funny content. Throw me a bone and give me mildly funny OK? I need it today.

So why are we so much sadder when terrorists hit a beautiful western European city? Paris, Brussels…is it because it reminds us too much of our own cosmopolitan cities? Is it because we’ve traveled there, we know people who live there; it’s not as foreign to us as some unpronounceable long forgotten place elsewhere in the world? I don’t really know. All I can say is that today is going to be the day I let the overwhelming sadness of what humans are capable of doing to other humans (not to mention other animals) wash over me. Not just because Brussels is a beautiful city with amazing food and chocolate (seriously) and wonderful people, some of whom I know. But because I’m fed up with it all.

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