Just Walk On By

I need to apologize to my many, many fans tonight.  For those of you who’ve believed in me and followed my careful regimen of junk food and no exercise, I am ashamed. I quite accidentally got a bunch of unwanted exercise today.

I flew down to Atlanta this morning for a conference.  I was paying absolutely no attention to my gate this morning, and I got in the wrong security line. As it happens, the was a 45-60 minute wait in that line, and after standing there fo 40 minutes or so, I realized my mistake.  OK not terrible, just standing, no walking, and I made it down to the other security line and breezed through.

Uneventful flight and I find myself here at the Atlanta airport.  I start walking towards the sign for ground transport, once again oblivious to my surroundings.  But then I realize I’ve been walking for a while.  Like, a long while.  And then a long long while.  Sure there were some moving walkways here and there, but it was bad.  I start thinking WTF?  But I had no choice but to keep walking.

I conservatively estimate that I walked about 50 miles before I got to the taxi stand.  Maybe more.  As I neared the finish line and can finally saw the stand, I noticed a train like thing right there.  I peeked inside and there was no doubt it was to carry passengers.  It had like comfy seats and stuff.

Apparently that was the train I should have been enjoying from the terminal to the taxis.  You can imagine the shame and self-doubt I felt for getting way, way too much exercise.  I pondered it over some fries and finally stopped blaming myself.

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2 Responses to Just Walk On By

  1. jfoerhirsch says:

    That, and typing up a blog on my iPad with the soft keyboard. Pretty bad

  2. mimijk says:

    There’s nothing worse that expending energy unless required to do so…Sorry for the schlep!

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