I Took The Tags Off, But I Have The Receipt!


Does anyone know if you can return a bulletproof vest, only worn once?  Can you get a full refund if it’s defective? Well, let me rephrase that. Can your estate get a full refund once your dumb ass is dead because you decided to check out how well it worked by putting it on and asking your even dumber friends to shoot you?

Thank you to my alert friend Tony for bringing this important story to my attention. If this isn’t a prime nominee for a Darwin Award, well, I don’t know what is. As I can imagine Mr. Charles Darwin would have said in this situation, “Hey! You! Out of the gene pool!”

Kids, don’t try this at home. If you really want to check on the bullet-proof-ness of an article of clothing, might I suggest you put it on a mannequin?

Coroner: Man wearing bulletproof vest says, ‘Shoot me,’ is killed

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12 Responses to I Took The Tags Off, But I Have The Receipt!

  1. Duckin Dan says:

    No way! 25 year old country folks? Question is how many kids orphaned.

  2. mimijk says:

    Some idiocy defies belief…

  3. katecrimmins says:

    Well, he is indeed out of the pool now!

  4. Ann Koplow says:

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Think of all the lives that may be saved with this cautionary tale.

    • Jill Foer Hirsch says:

      Well as you can guess, I do think of myself as somewhat of a humanitarian. I’m all about saving lives, but hey, I don’t like to brag. Much.

  5. Yup. This one goes into the Darwin Hall of Fame!

    • Jill Foer Hirsch says:

      We can only hope that the gentleman in question did not have the opportunity to reproduce prior to being offed…

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