I Have A Twitter Account And I’m Not Afraid To Use It

I think it has been well established, time and nauseating time again, that I am a Bravo TV Superfan. It’s a mantle I take seriously. Responsibilities I must uphold. And that’s why after watching just two episodes of The Real Housewives of Dallas, the newest franchise, and not enjoying it at all, I had to convince myself to continue to watch.

OK, it wasn’t that hard a sell, because I don’t have a life and what else am I going to do, but there is the Logo channel to consider. And the POP channel, that shows reruns of quality programming like The Love Boat and has weekend long Facts of Life marathons. So as a consumer, I have choices.

I figured I should at least take to Twitter and chirp away about it though, because what else does one do? Surely the world was waiting for my opinion. So I tweeted one of the Housewives a comment about the show and its lack of story line and abundance of bad jokes about poop. A fan of the show responded to me with what I thought was a very funny comment, alluding to the fact that I have a whopping total of 240 followers and the Housewife involved has more like 12,000. I told her that was the kind of humor I was looking for! She went on to apologize for making the comment, which just about ruined it for me. I mean, I was asking for it, right? It was disappointing, especially since she calls herself “Bitch-aint-havin-it” on Twitter. Apparently, Bitch-was-havin-it.

The whole conversation is below. Enjoy. And if you don’t enjoy, tell me. I can handle it, honest.

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