Happy, Happy, Happy!

Today is Dan’s 49th birthday.  I think it goes without saying that we are in a May/December romance, given that I am merely 48 years and 7 days old.  I simply can’t imagine how old I will feel in 358 days when I’m his age.

The kitties remembered to give him a birthday card; it was astonishingly similar to the card they gave me last week, and the card they gave both of us last year, and the card Sophie and Mukki gave us the year before that, and so on.  It’s funny because they never remember to sign it, so it went seamlessly from our previous batch of cats to the new ones.

Dan has an identical twin, Tod, and coincidentally it’s his birthday too.  When I look at their childhood birthday pictures it is really tough to figure out who’s who—but then again every kid looks alike in a pointed birthday hat with birthday cake smeared on their face.

It seems weird to me that Dan and Tod don’t even necessarily talk to each other on their birthday, but maybe they have that twin supernatural communication going on.

What’s great about the timing of our birthdays is that I always know to what lengths Dan has gone to celebrate my birthday before I have to decide what I’m doing, or not doing, for him.  On my birthday last week, I went out to dinner with my same-birthday friend, and her friends, and had a really lovely evening.  We invited Dan along but he was more relieved than he should have been when I told him he shouldn’t feel obligated to join us.

Tonight I worked until after 9:00, so we dined separately on his birthday too.  I don’t really know how he spent the evening or what he ate, but I enjoyed a bowl of cereal when I got home.

Some people don’t really get our take on these matters, but we don’t get too worked up about planning a big celebration and exchanging gifts.  I know I pick on him all the time, but I have to go just a little mushy tonight, so please indulge me.

Dan’s birthday is a good time to tell the world that he has always been my biggest cheerleader; there for me when I need him the most, and epitomizes the “in sickness or in health” vow in ways we couldn’t have imagined just 3 years ago.

So Dan’s gone to bed, and I’m tapping away on the laptop, but in my heart I am jumping up and down with joy that 49 years ago today, the stars and planets aligned and Dan came into this world.  Happy birthday baby, and many, many more.

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9 Responses to Happy, Happy, Happy!

  1. Lisa says:

    Happy birthday cousin dan!

  2. abbe says:

    this made me teary -eyed and I don’t even know your husband!
    my birthday is today and you two are youngsters to me…

  3. Lesley says:

    Happy belated birthday Dan (and Tod)-take the man out for a meal this weekend Jill….I mean he puts up with you and everything the least you could do is buy him some food 🙂

  4. mimijk says:

    And somewhere in all of these unbirthday birthday celebrations is the love ..and I get that part loud and clear..Happy Birthday Dan!

  5. Betsey says:

    Dear Dan,

    We didn’t sign the card because we can’t hold a pen (no useful thumbs) but we CAN type with our paws. Happy birthday and may, many more!

    Jack, Janet, Chrissy and Mrs. Roper (Helen)

    • Jill Foer Hirsch says:

      Wow-they woke up and stopped destroying things long enough to post a comment. My babies are growing up so fast!

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