Fear Not

When I was a kid, I was scared of just about everything.  When I was at that party a couple of weeks ago someone started talking about the old days in Atlantic City.  When AC was still a nice beach resort my family used to go there every summer too.  I was really little and don’t remember a lot, but some things are etched in my memory.  Someone was reminiscing about Steel Pier and I said I was terrified of the diving horses; others agreed.

I have no idea why but I was also terrified of Mr. Peanut, and it turns out that someone else found him scary too!

I was walking through the airport several years ago and out of nowhere Mr. Peanut appears, top hat, monocle and all.  I went running over and gave him a hug and told him I was never really afraid of him, I just didn’t understand his greatness.

Mr. Peanut reached into his shell, whipped out a cell phone and started to call security, but I backed off and explained how scared I was when he used to roam the boardwalk in AC.  I told him my mom would never believe what a brave girl I’ve become, so he agreed to take a picture with me so I could prove it.  I had the picture blown up and put it in a nice frame so my mom could display it proudly.

At some point I started worrying about a burglar coming into my room.  My dad sincerely explained that burglars are really stupid, and would never be able to figure out how to get in my room.  I believed him. I was scared of dogs until I had one of my own; then I loved my dog but was still scared of other dogs.

When my parents took us all to the circus, I was scared of just about everything.  But I started obsessing over the new shoes I’d left at home, convinced someone was going to steal them.  I took my shoes pretty seriously even way back then.  I got so worked up that we had to actually leave the circus so I could get home and check on my shoes.  Miracle of miracles, they were still there!  I put them on immediately and I’m pretty sure I kept them on even when I climbed into bed.

I probably shouldn’t admit this but at one point I became terrified of tidal waves, after I begged and pleaded with my brothers to take me to the movies with them, and we saw The Poseidon Adventure.  They got a little frustrated explaining to me that Northern Virginia was not exactly a coastal town, but I never let details like lack of an ocean stand in the way of my irrational fears.

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2 Responses to Fear Not

  1. mimijk says:

    Did you really have your picture taken with Mr. Peanut?? In an airport?? I’m laughing out loud (though quietly, Andy’s still sleeping). I think you have an awesome family – they’re willingness to leave the circus to check on your shoes. Little did they know that the relationship with your shoes would stand the test of time – though arguably not a tidal wave..Good thing you’re here in VA.

    • jfoerhirsch says:

      My brothers have never let me forget that I ruined the circus. The Mr. Peanut pic was before we had a digital camera, but I’ll try to get my paws on it and scan it. Let the record stand that I overcame my fear of the stern, and gentle, Mr. Peanut.

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