Dressed To Kill…The Mood

It’s that time of year…the time when traditionally I rotate from my spring/summer wardrobe into my fall/winter wardrobe. It occurs to me that this year, my wardrobe is…not really a wardrobe.

I’m not a stay-at-home mom; no carpools or PTA or other parents coming by for playdates. All of those events would be good reasons for me to wear actual clothes. Nope, I’m a stay-at-home writer. I realize that my “wardrobe” consists of flannel pants (OK, OK, pajamas) and big oversized t-shirts. Now that cooler weather is upon us, the only thing I need to add is a hoodie (we used to call them sweat jackets) or fleece, if I’m feeling particularly Aspen. Thick white socks and/or animal slippers complete The Look. I may actually own more animal slippers than the normal adult woman really should. On the other hand, when did I ever say I was normal?


I used to be reasonably pulled together. Nice suits and adorable shoes and whatnot. A black blouse and crisp chinos for those days I embraced “business casual,” which was not often. By 7:00am each day, I was made up and tucked in and ready to face the world. Sure, I was lacking in the silk scarf department, but only because I could never get one of the things tied so it looked like anything other than limp spaghetti.

Now? “Dressed up” is when I put on shoes! But, I figure, this is my new life. It’s all about the creative process, or some crap like that. Then just for a tiny distraction I watch Bethenny while I’m having breakfast, and there are segments on “Keeping your man faithful” and “Rekindling the romance,” neither of which involve animal slippers and hoodies. There’s talk of lingerie, and I’m pretty sure they’re not referring to the flannel variety.

Oh boy. I start feeling less womanly. Was Dan more attracted to me when I dressed up every day and worked from 8:00am to 9:00pm? Hard to say, because I never saw him. He says he’s much happier now that I’m not working like a maniac all the time, but maybe he left out the part where he would appreciate me wearing something other than flannel once in a while. On the other hand, he’s Dan. There could be flames shooting out of my ears and he probably wouldn’t notice, so he definitely doesn’t notice what I’m wearing day to day.

After careful consideration I decided to carefully consider it some more. If I’m wearing oinking pig slippers next time I see you, try not to judge.

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9 Responses to Dressed To Kill…The Mood

  1. I’m also a writer, however I live in Mexico, my work uniform seems to be knit shorts and either a sports bra with a t-shirt over it or a tank top with a shelf bra. In the winter, I use leggings and sometimes a sweater. I wear flip flops all year round.

    Or rather I should say my uniform was, I’m going in for a mastectomy tomorrow morning so things are bound to change. One of my friends just emailed me with your blog address.

    Anyway, I find that the key is to change your clothes, no matter what because no work gets done in pajamas. I do dress up to go out, then when I get home I change into my work clothes.
    Sometimes I miss office clothes, but most of the time I’m okay. I do get regular haircuts and manicures because it helps my self image.

    I am off to read more of your blog.

    • Theresa-thanks for your comments, and good point about changing no matter what!

      I’m so sorry you have to have a mastectomy. Be sure to bring a button down shirt with you to the hospital. You won’t be able to lift your arms up to put on a t-shirt or tank top. Keep your spirits up–getting out of bed the first time might be tough, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much better I felt once I was up and walking. Take it easy, get rest, take pain meds BEFORE you are in pain (stay ahead of the pain, don’t be stoic), and try to eat whenever you can. I wish I was there to hug you in person, but sending my best pre-mastectomy squeeze hug all the way down to Mexico! XOXOXO

  2. Valerie says:

    Jill, I have spent 7 months living in yoga pants that have never attended a yoga class and running shoes that don’t run. They at least make me feel like bounding around the house! It’s PAINFUL being back in fashion and heels. Feel like I need a trainer! You are far from pathetic, you are an author 🙂

    • Jill Foer Hirsch says:

      Oh Val, you always have a way of putting just the right spin on things! As to your yoga pants and running shoes…you do run after your two boys, right?

  3. filbio says:

    It’s all about being comfy when I am at home. Lounge pants, sweats, bare feet. Oh yeah.

    • Jill Foer Hirsch says:

      That’s how I used to feel, but that was before I quit my job and started staying at home full time. Now it just feels vaguely pathetic…

  4. Cousin Dan says:

    We have a long tradition of pajama pants around this house. BTW those are my bear slippers. Cats tend to respond strongly to them.

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