Dozens Served: Offering Only The Finest Since 2012

I’ve been blogging again for well over a month now. It’s arduous, but I keep at it because I am no quitter. So even if I have nothing interesting to offer, I just keep on going. A minor problem like a lack of interesting topic will never stop me!

Still, for you my dear readers, I will go to great lengths to present the freshest topics, in the most delightfully humorous way possible. And that is why I will be doing research over the next ten days or so and will not be able to blog. I know, I know, it’s terribly upsetting and disappointing and you’re wondering how you can possibly go on without me. But I am trying my hand at Method Blogging. I will be the blog. I will become one with the blog. I will pour my heart and soul into delivering higher quality blogs. It’s all for you.

In the meanwhile, it wouldn’t kill you guys to throw me a bone. Something from which I might be able to eke out a couple of uproarious paragraphs. Just sayin’

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