Craig Price Checked My Reality

Welcome to Breast Cancer Awareness Month! If you are a woman, you may already be aware that you have breasts. Of course sometimes, even the nicest boobs can betray you. Worry not, I will not let you forget about it this month.

You may recall that in July I blogged about Craig Price, a speaker, writer and former stand-up comedian who stole my life. Sort of. It’s complicated.

Anyway, in what I can only assume was a fit of guilt, Craig invited me to be a guest on one of his podcasts.  And between you and me, I didn’t even really know what a podcast was. As usual, he was gracious and put me at ease and laughed at my jokes. We talked about my boobs a lot because, did I mention I wrote a book, When Good Boobs Turn Bad: A Mammoir? I hate to keep bringing it up, that would be typical me obnoxious.

Well, if you haven’t had enough of me, me, me (and really, is it ever enough?), and even if you have, you should listen to this, because Craig is I am really talented.




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