Cousin Dan: Stupid People Tricks

As I documented in my January 3 posting, Uncle Cousin and Aunt Neurotic, Dan has a split personality. Not just getting in touch with his inner child, but acting like his inner child; he has delighted kids and terrified adults for decades. Oh, the many adventures of Cousin Dan.  Here’s the first installment of what is sure to become a series…

During one of our babysitting gigs many years ago, Dan took the boys to lunch; they were probably about 6 and 8 years old at that point. Aubrey and I stayed behind to do mani-pedis or some such thing.  When the boys returned Sean came running into the house and breathlessly told me he had the best lunch of his whole life! Wow, they must have had some really amazing chicken fingers…

Sensing this was going to be good, I grabbed the video camera and asked Sean why lunch was so great. Sean could not have been any happier when he announced that “Cousin Dan let us shoot spitballs through our straws!!” As I weighed that statement Sean said “AND Cousin Dan taught us how to poke our eyes out with a fork!!” Sean was so excited about this he was literally jumping up and down.  Oh boy.  I had a feeling that our babysitting privileges were going to quickly be revoked.

Upon further questioning, Dan repeated his trick of hiding a little cup of creamer in his hand and pretending that his eye itched so badly he couldn’t stand it and finally took a fork to it…cream comes spurting out while he screams and spazzes out. Then Dan, Craig and Sean dissolved into fits of laughter. Even Aubrey abandoned our manicure session and sided with the icky boys. If I’m being really honest…I couldn’t help but laugh too.

I’m really glad I’ve got the whole thing on video so that when Sean is famous and they ask us for funny little clips of his childhood I will be fully prepared.

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2 Responses to Cousin Dan: Stupid People Tricks

  1. Jill Foer Hirsch says:

    Honestly, we need adult supervision.

  2. mimijk says:

    You two make quite a team…:-)

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