Cat Registry

In hindsight, perhaps my post yesterday about baby gear was a little harsh.  I’m not one of those people who compare their cats to other people’s kids-even when the cats are clearly superior.

I did a little research today, and found that there is at least as much cat stuff out there as baby stuff, and our cats have simply been deprived.  We somehow neglected to register for gifts when we brought the four cats home, but better late than never!  Here are some items on our wish list…

There is, and I could not make this up, a Litter Genie.  In fact there are various models of litter genies and self-cleaning litter pans.  We don’t have a strong preference for which type to buy; just remember we need 4 of them-

If we want to upgrade litter boxes so we can put them in the living room and dining room, we think this looks pretty classy

They need beds (classic or modern), baths and pack and plays


I suppose we need sort of a stroller in case we want to take them to a mall or something.  We need two doubles-

Apparently we’re supposed to be grooming the cats (we thought we’d picked up the self-grooming type); I’ve discovered cat eye glasses, although I don’t know how we’d get a cat to keep them on.  They need a jungle gym to keep them in shape (especially Helen)

As winter approaches, the cats do need some warm sleepers, and of course party clothes for the holiday season.

We’ll be throwing 4 birthday parties this year, and don’t forget arts and crafts stuff to keep them busy-look at this cat throwing pottery!

If we were strict parents, we might insist that the cats sit quietly when we have guests-

But more than likely we’ll spoil them rotten, with a castle for the girls, and a rustic play area for Jack

Heck, we might even look the other way when they sneak out to hang with their friends…

Who knew we could acquire 30,000 cubic tons of Mysterious Cat Stuff?












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  1. john says:

    I want the large jungle gym how do I purchase it

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