A Moment Of Introspection

So my brother CJ is at some kind of rah rah leadership conference or whatever (let’s not dwell, since this blog is about me, not him) and asked me to help him with a perception exercise. After giving him my invaluable feedback, I decided to try the same exercise with myself, and see if I could come up with any helpful insights about my own psyche.

The Question

Here we go…

List 5 things you do best when listening:

  1. Make myself relevant to the story while the other person yammers on
  2. Pretend I’m a talk show host
  3. Practice raising one eyebrow
  4. Look around for something, or someone, more interesting
  5. Kindly let the other person know they’ve already told me this story and I’m bored

List 5 things you could do better when listening:

  1. Listen
  2. Care
  3. Exhibit genuine emotion
  4. Listen
  5. Hear

List 5 things you do best with humor:

  1. Entertain the masses
  2. Showcase my sparkling wit
  3. Illustrate my intellectual grasp of complex issues
  4. Reflect upon how funny I really am
  5. Feel sorry for others that they lack my cleverness

List 5 things you don’t do well with humor:

  1. Funerals
  2. Sad things
  3. Stuff other people don’t find funny
  4. Funerals
  5. Serious things

I feel like I’ve really captured the essence of me. Give it a try and let me know what you find clarity on about yourself!

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